AMS: Outsource Your Cloud Infrastructure Management

At Zerviz, we have a comprehensive team of IT professionals located in various parts of the world, with extensive experience and relevant technological knowledge to cover specific technical gaps and project execution needs.

Save Costs and Have the Best Team

Maintaining an in-house team with expertise in Cloud management, containers, and/or DevOps can be costly and challenging to hire. Zerviz’s team can help you with the management of your cloud platform at a lower cost than having in-house staff, eliminating the cost of turnover and minimizing the opportunity cost for your company.

Certified in the Best Methodologies

Our service always follows the best methodologies and practices for your cloud platform, managing your infrastructure using DevOps methodologies that allow you to scale your cloud environment, create dynamic platforms, and optimize your costs for each unique situation. We have professionals supporting our clients from Chile, Peru, Colombia, Panama, and the United States.

Scalability Accordingd to Each Need

Scale quickly without increasing your current workforce and bring the expertise you need to make your projects a complete success. We can deploy your infrastructure from scratch or take over your existing one and manage it with a clear improvement plan, using our Agile working methodologies. We will manage a roadmap dedicated to the project and another one shared with your development team, so you always feel like Zerviz is part of your team.


Service Level Basic Standard Advanced
Cloud Architect
Cloud Provisioning
Monitoring (HTTP Endpoint and Cloud Services)
Advanced Environment Monitoring
Data Management, Data Upload and Update
Security, Compliance in Cloud Environments
Automation and Infrastructure as Code
Cost Optimization
Deployment and Update of Web Applications
Internal Management Platform
System Availability
Response Time