Omnichannel CRM

Create the best experience for your customers with Zendesk

Launch your customer management strategy through the only omnichannel CRM for support, sales and customer engagement for barrier-free communication! Create agile, personal and relevant interactions for your customers.
zendesk / crm omnicanal
zendesk / crm omnicanal

Omnichannel CRM

A cross tool

The customer journey is different for everyone. Regardless of your business needs, our products are flexible enough to pave the way that is best for your organization.

Omnichannel CRM

Support Suite

Chat and messaging

Integrated customer support

Knowledge base and smart self-service


  • Have natural conversations with your clients, satisfy complex needs simply and quickly.
  • Provide accurate answers and engage the right people in the conversation. Connect internal tools to ease the burden on agents.
  • Improve team performance, understand customer needs and all that adds up to a better customer experience.
Customize your support service according to your needs without major problems.
zendesk / crm omnicanal
zendesk / crm omnicanal
crm omnicanal con zendesk

Omnichannel CRM

Sales Suite

Get your sales team focused on what really matters: building meaningful relationships and closing deals faster.

Sales CRM

Analysis and reports

Community forum

Find new prospects. Create specific lists and enrich contact information
Capture more potential customers. Connect even with those who visit your website. Also, if a prospective customer contacts support, agents can transfer them directly.
Set up the tool in just a few minutes. It is designed to scale and deploy quickly.