Text & Speech Analytics

Listen to the voice of your customers with Medallia

Your company’s biggest customer experience challenges, all solved! By understanding the customer journey from start to finish, you’ll be able to foresee their needs, exceed their expectations and boost your KPI.

Ensure your agents are efficient and compliant thanks to a Text and Speech Analytics solution based on Medallia’s Artificial Intelligence.

medallia / speech analytics
medallia / speech analytics

Text & Speech Analytics

Every customer interaction, every moment

With the solutions offered by Medallia, you can boost your sales, make sure to deliver great service and improve efficiency by listening into every touchpoint,  and get deeper insights on the complexity and nuances of every interaction.

Discover and create relevant knowledge before, during and after each interaction with your customer in order to make a bigger impact when it comes to transforming their experience.

Translate your idea into action!

medallia / speech analytics

Listen everywhere

Get a quick view of all sources of comments across every channel, capture phone calls, reviews, social media posts and surveys.

Analyze information thanks to AI

Identify what triggers the number of comments, feelings, the effort and satisfaction in the customer segments you need.

Act on data

Use data to empower your team, drive operational improvements, handle points of friction and improve your customers’ experience in your contact center.

Interacting with customers

Use your digital and social channels without compromising quality. Take control in a heartbeat.

medallia / speech analytics

Text & Speech Analytics

Capture feedback across every touchpoint

Phone calls, chat, e-mail and social media are just a few of the ways customers contact you.

Transcribing EVERY voice recording quickly and accurately is possible!