Text & Speech Analytics

Hear the voice of your customers with Medallia

Guarantee the compliance and efficiency of your agents thanks to Text and Speech Analytics based on Artificial Intelligence.
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Text & Speech Analytics

In every interaction with the customer, at all times.

Grow in sales, ensure compliance, and increase efficiency by listening to each customer touch point to discover the depth and nuance of interactions.

Listen everywhere

Quickly connect to cover all comment sources and capture all calls, reviews, social media posts, and surveys.

Analyze information thanks to Artificial Intelligence

See what drives feedback volume, sentiment, effort, and satisfaction in the customer segments you need.

Act on data

Use data to empower your team, drive operational improvements, resolve friction points, and improve your customer experience in your contact center.

Interact with customers

Take advantage of your digital and social channels without sacrificing quality. Take control in record time.

Text & Speech Analytics

It covers 100% of the points of contact with your client

Phone calls, chat, email, and social media are just a few of the ways customers communicate with you.



Transcribing ALL voice recordings quickly and accurately is possible!