Create the best experience for your customers with Zendesk

We are official Zendesk partners in Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador and the United States. Winners of the 2022 CX Awards for Employee Experience, with over 150 successful projects.

Agile and Personalized Interactions

Kickstart your customer management strategy in 2023 through Zendesk, the only omnichannel CRM for support, sales, and customer engagement, enabling seamless communication. Create agile, personal, and relevant interactions for your customers. At Zerviz, you’ll find the expertise you need to improve the customer experience, leading to growth and resource optimization.

Connect WhatsApp to Zendesk

With Zendesk’s integration with WhatsApp Business, your support team can easily handle requests received through this popular mobile messaging application. This allows the team to automate repetitive tasks with technology, enabling them to dedicate more time to analyzing and resolving cases that truly require it.

What is Zendesk for your business?

Zendesk today is the gateway to your company’s success. It’s the tool that will enable you to efficiently manage and respond to your customers’ queries, requests, and issues. Improve your customer service with Zendesk today!