Innovate in customer service

Let us assume that a service is a sequence of points of contact between a company and a customer, through which the company creates and delivers value to this customer. From the point of view of the person receiving the service, it is an experience, where emotions and subjective perception are at least as important as the tangible and objective value that was obtained as a result.

But what if the service is not good enough?

We may have a very good product, which is sold for its affordable price, for quality, for the marketing campaign used, but if the customer service is not good enough, nothing will be sold anymore, and here comes the next one. question:

Are we interested in selling only 1 time or keeping our loyal customers and that they continue to buy from us?

It is very important that we deliver pleasant experiences to our clients, that it is not only a quality or accessible product, that it is a complete service, from advertising to purchase or dispatch. Customers who enjoy this pleasant experience will always buy from us again, they will choose us over the competition for the simple fact that they had an incredible service experience.

How can I improve my customer service? or How do I know if it is not good enough?

There are different ways to achieve more innovative and impactful services. An example, methodologies such as Design thinking, make possible an initial exploration (empathy) with the user or client that allows us to put ourselves in their shoes, and what do we achieve with this? Understand it, see what it see, feel what he feels, think what he thinks, say what he says, then it takes us through another series of stages. Definition, where we analyze the information obtained and begin to take into account what is relevant. After Ideation, here we generate a brainstorm or brainstorm, always based on the information previously obtained. Prototyping, after having the ideas filtered, we generate a functional prototype, which can test our hypotheses and then allow us to iterate on the improvements, this being the final stage, Test or tests.

However, do not forget that empathy is essential, we must dedicate time to truly know our clients, to see the world as they do and experience the service offered from their point of view, in this way we will achieve a solid foundation to be able to innovate and generate the desired impact and value. If we manage to apply this type of methodologies, the result will be greater customer satisfaction, loyalty and increased sales.

Article on Innovation
Author: Jhoan Zabala.

Innovate in customer service

Cuando se trata de la percepción que tienen los clientes sobre tu empresa, la experiencia de marca entra en juego. En la experiencia de marca se engloban todas las interacciones que un cliente ha tenido con una marca, esto abarca desde la primera impresión, hasta la lealtad del cliente. Para lograr diferenciarse y destacar de los demás competidores, tener una adecuada gestión de la experiencia de marca es importante
En este artículo vamos a explorar cómo la tecnología ha venido a mejorar la gestión de clientes a través de un CRM.
Para lograr satisfacción y fidelización de clientes, un papel importante lo juega la atención al cliente. Entonces quizá te preguntes ¿cómo lograr un alto nivel de efectividad en la atención al cliente? y es aquí donde puedes considerar contratar servicios de call center.
El éxito de cualquier negocio depende ahora de una buena experiencia del cliente, ya que es importante, y bien valorado por los clientes, la manera en que las empresas interactúan y mantienen relaciones sanas con ellos. Por lo tanto es importante definir estrategias para mejorar la experiencia del cliente. Aquí en ZerviZ ayudamos a tu empresa a tener un mejor CX.